Tuesday, October 12, 2010

sorry for lack of posts

and sorry all of them have started to suck. Things are pretty good. My town has this new amazing library that is just like.. holy crap. There's not really another way to describe it. The one we had before was shitty though, so this new one pretty much compensates for that. I went there today and yesterday and I want to go more often. Going to the library is lame I know, but so am I, and this new one just makes me so excited like jizz my pants excited. And I'm pretty productive when I'm there, mainly cuz I can't go on facebook.
My love life is dwindling, not that it really existed anyway. A graduate from my high school who was on the swim team last year came out to me as bi, and is starting to come out to more people. He told me that if I hadn't come out that he probably wouldn't have either. It's like I broke the ice for him. He's a nice/weird yet in his own way likable guy. I don't look to be anything more than friends with him.
With my limited options and other issues in my life, I don't plan to have/ rely on the idea of having a boyfriend. I have PSATs tomorrow, lame


  1. The same thing happened with my friend, Tom. He said he only came out to me because I'm gay and I'd understand. We had PSATs yesterday. They sucked.

  2. Yeah they do suck. I did terrible on them
    That's awesome that he came out to you.. its def easier for gays to come out to other gays.
    How are you doing?

  3. I'm fine. My friend, it turns out, is straight. But my other friend told me that she has a gay friend and she said she could introduce us. I don't know, though. I think I'll meet him without the pretense of being gay. Save that tid-bit for later. So, how are you?

  4. im good, a lot of hot boys around here you know. nice you're getting set up. I'm sure it will be fine usually when i meet other gays its a little flirtatious so if you dont want him to know i guess that might be a good idea

  5. I just think it's wierd to try and build a friendship with, "Hi, I'm desperately lonely and my friend said you're into cocks. So, how about it?" But that's just my opinion. I'm not even sure I want a relationship. I'll just see how it goes. It's nice to know that you're doing well in the land of unbelievably attractive men.