Saturday, September 11, 2010


I don't even know why I have a blog. I wonder if writing down my life actually benefits me, or if it would be better if I just moved on with my life and think about the future rather than reflecting on the past.
I still think nick ayler is the hottest guy ever.
I took the ACT today. I have ADD medication that was prescribed to be in seventh grade. I never take the meds unless I have a test that day or need to concentrate for something. This morning I took two pills which was not a good idea. My heart was beating fast and I got all jittery. It was kinda weird. I've calmed down now though. It's 3 in the afternoon and I took them at 8. They're supposed to last 12 hours. At least they help me concentrate.
I hope everyone's doing well. I was kinda unhappy the past week, then last night I cheered up. School itself is pretty depressing because my classes are so hard.

I've realized that there are certain people who make me happy and people who make me unhappy when I'm around them. There are some people who I think are my friends but usually just make me feel pretty shitty when I'm with. It's time for me to avoid those people.


  1. Hmm...Life is like that. Ayler is pretty hot. You can't beat yourself up when you struggle in classes, though. They're meant to frustrate you. I'm sure it'll get easier as you get used to it. As for people, those who make you happy are, obviously, the ones you need to hang with. I agree that looking forward is important, but sometimes it's fun to remember the past. Just food for thought.

  2. Yeah. You're right things have gotten easier. I'm starting to enjoy myself more now. Thanks and i miss talking to you

  3. I miss talking to you, too. Screw it. I'll just make another e-mail. I'll tell you when I get it set up... It might take a while to get an opportunity though. Anywho, I'm sure things will get much better. Things are going quite well for me as well.