Sunday, December 19, 2010

okay a real post

So we're reading The Things They Carried in English class and its a great great book. Its great because the language runs smoothly and its descriptive in all the right ways; everything it talks about is interesting. I can read it about a minute a page, which for me is good because I'm usually an impossibly slow reader.
All I really want to talk about now is swim season because it's so much fun. The guys are great and are all accepting of my sexuality. Even though it's not often explicitly mentioned around me I know they are okay with it. Maybe there's the initial shock of finding out, then it goes away.
Everything moves faster now, and there's always practice or meets to look forward to. Now that its break there's so much that I can/should do with my free time that I haven't gotten to. I feel like break hasn't hit me yet.


  1. Glad that swimming is going so well for you, and especially that your teammates are accepting of you. I hope that you enjoy your break from school.

    You mentioned in a post a few months ago that you tried meditation after speaking with a Buddhist. Are you still practicing meditation? I've been doing it for a few years now and find it helpful.

  2. Helpful in what way? I tried it for a few days then stopped haha. I should probably try it again. Do you meditate every day?

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