Saturday, December 11, 2010

L-O-V-E's just another word I never learned to pronounce

3OH!3 !!!!!!!!!!! I used to think they sucked but the truth was i never actually listened to their music lol. I've always tried to be all altenative-y and listen to songs that I thought other people didn't listen to. I listened to mainstream songs sometimes before but now Im starting to listen to them a lot and I'm getting into rap too. I love lil wayne Never thought I'd say that.
It's about 3 weeks into the swim season and we've had 4 meets. I won the 50 free yesterday and it was a huge rush cuz everyone was cheering and I touched a guy out who was supposed to beat me by half a second.
I also got my first local newspaper interview yesterday.. after I won the 50. The guy called me by the wrong name and thought i won the 200 IM. it was awkward.
But swim season is really fun and it's a lot different now that I'm an upperclassman and I practice with guys that are younger than me. Theres this whole new sense of responsibility and pressure to know what you're doing. I'm getting more respect and recognition its nice. It's still just as fun as years before, if not more.

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