Sunday, March 13, 2011

k. hey so im back. im gonna start posting in here more cuz i have time.
What am i supposed to do with my life. thats the question. I feel so contemplative after my nap. you guys know what I mean.
I desperately want to not care what other people think so that people will think im cool. If that made any sense. Its just completely contradictory. If your looking for confidence so that people will respect you then you're really not confident because your confidence is just a tool to find acceptance and respect from others.
I'm so contemplative after my nap. Everything is a dream. Everythings is different.
I have a long list of things i have to do today and i havent touched on any of them. How great is that. I heard this from somewhere: too many things to do plus me not knowing where to start equals me not doing anything. My life.


  1. It's okay to have days when nothing gets done. Part of the problem with modern life is that we're constantly going and never really take the time to just sit.

    And yeah, I get philosphical after naps sometimes too :)

    Anyway, welcome back.