Wednesday, March 16, 2011

you know what i love?

hot guys at the library. Yum.
I figure if I can handle swim season and not starting homework until about 8 everyday, then school should be a breeze for me and I shouldn't worry about not having enough time.
Anyway, hot guys at the library. Not only are they smart, but they're hot. I caught myself blatantly staring at this one incredibly attractive guy yesterday and he looked at me briefly and awkwardly and we made eye contact so I looked away. Then when he was walking away with his back turned, I looked at him again and I'm pretty sure he could sense me looking at him again. He probably thinks I'm creepy, but then again he probably gets people staring at him a lot. Oh, the spell that beauty casts over us. I read somewhere about an experiment (i think it was on NBC, you can look it up) with two really attractive models (male and female) and two dull-er looking average people (male and female) and they compared how society treated them when doing everyday things (like asking to cut in line, asking for directions, etc.) But people were like 10 times nicer and more polite to the attractive people, even if they weren't the opposite gender. So how we look determines a lot about how we are treated by the people around us and i guess I'm pretty lucky because I could have turned out worse, haha. It would just be cool to try out someone else's shoes, you know? see how other people view the world from day to day. It must be very different.


  1. I have one of those "looks" that changes a fair bit based on how I dress: I can dial it down to "dull" or all the way up to "turns heads as he walks".

    It's a lot of fun to see how people react differently when I'm "looking hot" as opposed to "looking normal" - and it's more than just people staring. It's things like better service at bars and restaurants, friendlier staff at shops, more politeness from strangers, even discounts at grocery stores.

    It's also pretty sad that our attitudes towards people are so heavily affected by something as base as appearance.

  2. ya, like when I in my homecoming group at a restaurant and everyone was staring at us because we were dressed up.. not exactly the same thing but i know what you mean. I should make it a goal to dress nicer more.