Monday, December 19, 2011

Hey hotties!

At the library, trying to do college apps.




They're due in a week and a half and my parents wont let me do shit until I get them done.

I'll let you know where I go. I love Brown..

It's weird how I get less nervous about getting into college as the deadline approaches. Like, I was freaking out as a Junior, and now I'm still somewhat freaked out but I'm significantly calmer about it now as a senior. I started this blog as a sophomore. Damn it's been a while.

But yeah, I love Brown, and it's for sure where I know I'll be happiest. I adore everything about it. I just have to get these essays done.


  1. Good luck, man. I know how my students were about this time of year, trying to get them done. Good luck with Brown, it's a great school!

    You could post a couple here, be cool to see your writing.

    Peace <3

  2. Good luck with your application to Brown. But realize that you can be happy other places too.

  3. thanks! I would post them, but im paranoid that the colleges will do a search of my writing and find this blog if I do. And green and purple- you da bomb. You're right, I'd be happy where ever.