Saturday, May 14, 2011

do you guys have people in your lives where when you think of them, you don't like them. But when you're with them, all of a sudden you cant help but be nice and enjoy them? Like all of a sudden you look past all the bad qualities that make you upset with the person.
sometimes i wish picking friends were like picking... a book to read. You could find one, pick it up, experience it for a little, then easily put it down if you get tired with it. Sometimes friendships make me become someone that I don't like. Sometimes people make you feel like shit and make you uncomfortable and sometimes people have annoying qualities that you once tolerated but now you cant stand and make it hard to be around that person. And its difficult to end the ones that you don't enjoy.

I was at a swim meet and college swimmers are
they are so so hot. College boys are so hot.


  1. Yes they are. I live in a college town with 25000 + college students. But at my age they are young enough to be my kids so I have a different perspective than you do.