Saturday, May 28, 2011

hello followers

thanks for following. its really nice to see that people read and enjoy my blog, and even though I dont know any of you personally you've made this blog more worthwhile for me.

Im going to dillo day today, which is a free concert at northwestern, which should be fun. Im pretty excited for the rest of my life, too, and to an extent my gut tells me to stay home and do homework instead of going to dillo day... but really.. I'm not sure what would come of that. I enjoy doing what I want to do and taking opprotunities that are out of the ordinary. Its too ordinary and thomas-like to stay home on weekends to do homework


  1. So how did it go? Who did you see perform? Any cute guys you met? Depending on the type of performers you might meet a nice guy to get to know.

    Yes, I do enjoy reading your blog.

  2. :)
    I went with my swimming friends. Both of which are really cute but I've stopped looking at them that way cuz i spend so much time with them.
    I didn't meet any cute guys there :( And even if I did I probably would never have the guts to flirt with any of them (unless I was drunk)
    B.O.B was performing there, I dont know if you've heard of him. I didnt stay long because everyone there was intoxicated in some way and it was kind of lame.

    I'm very glad you enjoy my blog.