Saturday, April 2, 2011


life is like a gps system. It corrects itself. If you take a wrong turn it figures out a new path to get you to your destination. It evens out and gets you where you should be and no matter what path you take its not worth worrying over because it will get you to where your meant to end up. I remember seeing a 'Lost' episode and it was like about how the world corrects itself.. if someone avoids death the day he/she was meant to die, the universe will correct itself and cause something the next day to make sure that person dies. things are just meant to happen..

ok i understand i have gotten overly philosophical in my past couple posts. But our family just got a gps system. I named her gps lady. she cost us 100 dollars and gets us where we need to be. And even if we think we're lost it usually ends up taking us to where we need to be. Essentially it knows what its doing when we dont.

I guess thats why some people believe in God. Someone knows the path of your life so theres no need to worry. Theres always a parent out there to help you. If your lost, dont worry because it will work out anyway..

except sometimes the gps is wrong and takes us to some sort of dead end


  1. Since you're feeling so philosophical, I'll join you and suggest that the destination is not what one should focus on.

    The proverbial ride and experiences we share along the way are what make the destination worth getting to.


  2. Thanks BosGuy, I guess that's an idea that I didn't consider. It is really more about the ride than the destination.

    We should philosophise together more often.