Friday, April 1, 2011

from new jersey

College admissions is against much of what I really believe in. Molding yourself to the way colleges want you to be in exchange for a label to wear the rest of your life.. A label that is no guarantee for anything.

Everyone is afraid of being inferior in some way. Smart people assert their superiority by flaunting their intelligence. They tell themselves they are great because they went to a great school. Lower class people assert their superiority by picking fights and acting tough. They join gangs and rob people.

No one wants to feel inferior. Many people want to feel like they are on top. Its all psychological. Yet we've established societies that value these arbitrary qualities that supposedly make us superior. I'm hard working but I value my own well being. I value my health and my friends.
People want to climb the imaginary pedestal and dance at the top. Or cooly look down at the people below them. It is most undesirable to be the ordinary below- in other words, inferior. It is inferior to pursue your own, to embrace yourself and your own ambitions. Change your ambitions and devote your life to something else, something untrue to yourself. That is how people seem to win their own respect.


  1. Hey bud just found your blog very interesting.
    On being inferior. My Dad has always said Never think anyone is better than you.Be honest stand your ground and treat others as you would like to be treated yourself.

  2. Thanks for stopping by dave! Thats good advice and good words to live by. Your dad is certainly a wise man