Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I am not in a calm mood right now. Today I was happy overall though and I felt good.
My mom lets me have a laptop and I can keep it in my room sometimes. There's no school tomorrow and I was in bed under the covers and I had just finished ..relieving some tension. I had my laptop. My mom has a habit of walking into my room and asking me questions. So I was in bed. She walks in. Does not knock. 'Give me your laptop. You can't stay on too long." I said I was on for half an hour. "How much homework do you have?" Not that much I said. "How much have you gotten done? How many hours do you have left?" Not that many. "How many? You need to get your homework done." I REPEATEDLY tell her to get out of my room. PLEASE get out of my room. "THOMAS I NEED to know how much homework you have today. I NEED to take your laptop." Get out of my room. "I'm taking your laptop right now." NO. "I'm going to have dad take it away." Why do you give me a laptop if you're never going to let me have it? Theres no school tomorrow. Ahem. There's no school tomorrow! please leave!
So she walks out and a few seconds later walks in and says something like "I want to let you know that blah blah your future blah blah homework blah blah." GO AWAY! Why don't you bother my sister? Why don't you bombard her with homework questions? So she goes on talking, telling me what to do. She can never lose an argument. She never gives in and never stops talking sometimes. I scream. GET OUT OF MY ROOM NOW. GET OUT OF MY ROOM. GET OUT OF MY ROOM.
I took a blood pressure test earlier this morning and they said it was fine but I looked at all my friends blood pressure scores and apparently I actually do have high blood pressure. When I scream I strain my voice like crazy and I feel like my face turns red with blood. I'll have outbursts sometimes if someone or something really makes me mad. I usually let an argument like this with my mom slide but I felt like I didn't want to be taken advantage of today. Even if my blood pressure does go up.
I got a 97 on my math test that I took yesterday while I was on my ADD meds. This seriously proves that I need to take those pills whenever there's a test day.
Juniors have the ACT tomorrow and I just feel bad for them. I'm sad I need to take it next year. But at least for me it means there's no school tomorrow, hehe

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