Monday, April 26, 2010

Musical practices go to ten o clock.
be who you are and say how you feel cuz those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.
I feel stupid when I probably should not. I took concerta to help me concentrate (ADD meds, i could probably make a lot of money selling it to classmates, and yeah people actually do that) and holy crap did it work. It helped so much. Usually i take a small dose of it that lasts 4 hours and it barely does shit but today I took the one that lasts 12 hours and it was insane. I have never felt such a desire to stay focused. I actually wanted to learn haha. Every distraction went away.
I did some bicep curls today just to make myself feel like I'm not deteriorating.. I haven't done any exercise in a long long time. I'm not even in gym this semester because I'm taking health.
A.H said I was cute. A.H. is a gay kid who goes to the other school in our district, we met through gay mutual friends. He's in the pit while I'm performing the musical, and we say hi sometimes. He said he wishes I was single. I'll get into my relationship situation later.
There's a guy in the musical who I find very attractive. I really feel like putting myself out more.
I got essentially no homework done.
I think I'll get some thoughts down everyday.

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