Friday, April 30, 2010

I totally need swimming again, I cannot remain without exercise. Musical was fun today and yesterday and yesterday we did this thing ("soul circle") where we all said our feelings about the musical and I got emotional when I started to talk about it. I said all these good things about it and honestly I really don't like it that much. I feel like a puzzle piece that doesn't really fit into any of the other puzzle pieces even though I can kinda force myself to fit in with a few people. And I don't feel good about myself after. I'm a really minor role, and its weird going from a top swimmer to a less than average performer. I'd probably like it more if I was better at singing or had a lead role.
A lot of girls there are bitches. Total bitches. And they need to shut the fuck up, I'm not kidding. The overall atmosphere is positive but you can tell that there a lot of bitchy people and dirty looks and cliques. At least to me. Musical isn't even a team effort its like everyone's in it for themselves.
Anyway that's probably one of the last times ill tell you about musical. I came out to a guy in musical and I'm waiting for a reaction. It's a little awkward but that's how it always starts out I guess.
I failed a math quiz i think.
Its really nice outside.
I'm either gonna take a nap or stay up and eat or do other things on my laptop.

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