Monday, June 21, 2010

songs and life

the story by brandi carlile. I heard the song MANY years ago (it seems like) and i always knew the tune.. and sometimes it would pop into my head and i wouldn't know the name of it. So frustrating. Then a few weeks ago I went to the boy's acapella concert at my school and they had this one number with some girls and there was this soloist who was my friends sister.. who was amazing.. and she sang that song and I was like omg what's the name of that. So I finally know it and I've been listening to it the whole day. I really like the voice ranges in the song. Also I saw the Noisette's cover of when you were young by the killers and it was really good. So those are my two favorite songs right now. I also really like kid cudi.
So summers sinking in, and I've spent a lot of time doing nothing when I could be doing something. (my friends coming over in a few minutes so writing this is basically to pass the time). I'm in summer school now and its every weekday morning from eight to twelve thirty and I go straight to summer school from swimming which starts at six. So I have to get up really early :(
Anyway its already been a week of summer school and I'm getting used to the people in it. I was pretty nervous at the beginning to meet peopel but everyone turned out nice and normal and I've gotten used to them. I guess that's usually how these sort of social situations go for me.
Oh, story. So a nice cute guy that I know who was in my english class last year started talking to me on facebook a few weeks ago and gave me his number so that we could hang out. I never texted him because we're not really good friends. He messaged me again a few weeks later and we had a normal conversation then he started telling me that I was cute and stuff.. and that he wanted me to text him. I assumed that he was drunk (he was just at a party) but he said that he sobered up.. and I decided that I would text him. So I text him and he starts to ask me how many times I've hooked up and I said like five times and he's like guys or girls and I said both hbu. then he's like sweet I've only hooked up with girls but I want to with guys. (I saw it coming). So we talk until one in the morning through text (which was kind of annoying) but apparently he's not out to anyone and saw that I had a lot of gay friends on facebook so he assumed something was up with me. So we're gonna 'hang out' friday. I'm excited. He's cute.


  1. This is like a messy journal entry. I think you should clean your blog up and make it grammatically correct and give it paragraph structure. Keep posting though!