Friday, May 14, 2010


I have done nothing with my day
today was a pretty uncomfortable day in general and i had two papers to write last night so i went to bed late. Things have been pretty dull lately.

This this cute kid name peter who is in my health class and I'm under the impression that he is bisexual. It says so on his facebook and i sometimes hear references about it. But I'm not entirely sure. I alway check his facebook to make sure it still says he's bisexual.

My other friend peter might have a party saturday cuz his mom is gone. I'm pretty excited I've only been to one real high school party so far. I guess Peter's a bad influence on me but in a different sense its good that I'm able to experience new things like weed and drinking. haha okay well i guess those things aren't good. But he's a fun guy to be around and im glad he showed my those things. first and only real party was a few months ago a the end of February after the state meet. But it was my first one and I ended up drinking a shitload and had to go to a club swim meet the next morning. (Thats when i discovered i dont get hangovers lol) Anyway a couple guys on the team were telling me how they were doubting that i was going to drink. I'm pretty sure people see me as the guy who never hangs out or does anything cool because he has to do homework and swim all the time and he probably has strict parents. I mean, that's kinda true but I don't want people to think that about me. I mean I want to have fun and do crazy shit but im not exactly an outgoing person so i guess that closes a lot of opportunities for me.

I recently found out about two closeted gay guys at my school (I have my sources). A few years ago i thought the world was devoid of gays but that perspective has completely changed this past year.

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