Sunday, May 23, 2010

sunday ..bleh

today was possibly the nicest day all year. I rode my bike around then i went to a friends house and we just sat outside and talked it was so relaxing. I'm planning to get together with him and a few other guys to record some songs we made up. We're pretty good. we started the band like last year but we didn't get together too often. When we did we got a lot done though, and we probably have like ten original songs in total now. Our guitarist is really freaking good. He basically makes the band. The other two guys are on the swim team with me and they okay (drums and bass) they mainly just write lyrics. I sing and write awesome lyrics. This summer is when all our good shit is gonna come out and we're gonna make cd's and make lots of money. Yeah just wait and see.. our name is dirty plunger so just like google us in a few months haha
Finals are in two weeks and I probs wont have time to get on here and write stuff.. but maybe during the summer.

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