Friday, July 23, 2010

hello wonderful people

Two nights ago I saw the guy who I hooked up with that one time I mentioned earlier. It was cool. We talked on facebook about a month ago and he said he wanted to end things.. cuz we 'wanted different things' and he also moved onto someone else. Then somehow we ended up hanging out again. So he picked me up and we went to a park and lied down for a while then went back to his car and etc. and the windows got foggy etc. you get it. I'm not really crazy about him. Even though he's cute. I used to be more into him but now it's like whatever. I'm fine just seeing him every few weeks/months.
Ummmmm I went to oberweis about an hour ago and had an AMAZING chocolate milkshake. It was soooooooo so so so good. I feel like I have been missing out my whole life. My friend works there so he got it for me for free. I recommend it to everyone even though it might be a little pricey.

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