Saturday, July 10, 2010

notre dame

I'm at Notre Dame in Indiana for a swim meet right now and we're staying at a Marriot hotel. I'm staying here with my parents and I like hotels a lot better when I'm not with my parents... It's not the best when I'm staying at hotels with my parents. I can't get time away from them and my dad snores. I get bored easily with them too. I'm gonna be a cool parent when I get older. I cannot end up like them. CANNOT. We're going to Olive Garden pretty soon and I hear it's pretty good. I've never been there before.
Anyway I swam pretty good today at the meet. I went 58.1 in the 100 meter free which converts to a 50.4 or something in yards. It's not by best time but I'm not in the best shape so i don't care. Then I did really crappy in the 200 IM and 200 back. There are a LOT of hot guys at this meet. There are some meets that I go to where the guys are SOOO hot and I practically jizz everywhere. Yeah. Especially when college swimmers are at the meets. They are so damn sexy. They have awesome bodies plus they are good at swimming, which makes them even more attractive.
I really want an ear piercing. I am determined to get one before I go to college. I had a long debate with my parents to let me get one. It turned into a talk about me being gay (my mom thinks boys who wear earrings = gay). I told my parents that almost all my friends know that I'm gay and don't care. And my mom freaked out because she never wanted me to tell people at school. She thinks that soon the whole school will know. I don't know what her problem is. My mom has suddenly become really unaccepting. She told me that she still wants me to be straight and to get myself a girlfriend. Apparently to her because I think that I am gay, I am that way. She used to be more accepting and chill about it. Then all of a sudden she decided that it's possible to turn me straight. It's weird.
I've been kind of a jerk lately. I've realized jerks get more attention.

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