Saturday, July 3, 2010


I've watched so much porn lately its come to the point where I am very sick of porn. I look at it at least once a day. Like just now I was looking at porn then I was like screw this I'd rather do something else. So yeah here I am.
Anyway, my life has been swimming/naps/porn/working out/seeing friends. I switched up to a more intense swimming group now that I'm done with summer school and have more time on my hands. The morning practices are outside and we have them every morning so soon I'm gonna get really tan and have speedo/google tan lines. The morning practices are really tiring too so I usually take two to three hour naps after them.
The bi guy that I was talking about earlier who wanted to hook up hasn't been talking to me lately, and he's leaving for Mexico today. So I think he might have changed him mind about hooking up. Maybe not though. He can do what he wants
Like I said summer school is over. Everyone is being really emotional and talking about how much they miss each other over facebook. Everyone's being a lot friendlier now that the class is already over haha. I sorta miss the class. It was a lot of fun at times. I didn't become friends with a lot of the people until the class was almost over. So I sorta regret that.
I saw toy story 3 yesterday with my mom. Haha we watched it on the computer together. It was reallyyy good. I kinda felt like crying at certain parts. It was pretty emotional.
Not much else. Happy fourth of july!!!

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  1. Ahh yes the obsessive porn watching stage, does your mom ever catch you watching it. I hated it when that happened! I didn't feel closeted at those times.