Monday, July 12, 2010

mediocre monday

I'm coming out to people all over the place. I told my friend Joe today and he was soo good about it. He's a really 'hey bro so how are the ladies?' sort of guy but he's a sweetheart at the same time. So we had a long conversation about it. I feel a lot closer to him. He told me that I seemed like I was holding something back. Right now me and him are writing songs together for our two person band and we have a show at a bar this thursday and we get to play for an hour. Joe is reaallllyyy good at the guitar. And I'm okay at singing. So it's not that lame. Today we didn't get much done because we spent a lot of time talking. He was sooo chill about it. It makes me really happy.
I bought a book and I have to start reading it more. It's like 700 pages. It's called The Passage and I really like the way it is written. I have to read more I like never read.


  1. Tommy, I'm gay too, but I was always self-concious and scared about it. Reading your blogs seem to have snapped me out my depression and made me happy with who I am. I understand this sounds creepy, but I thank you. All suicidal thoughts left me once I realized there was someone out there just like me. Life is tough for us closeted highschoolers.

  2. Dear morbidwalrus,
    Thank you!! It means a lot that my blog has affected you positively. There are a ton of high school kids out there just like you who are afraid to come out of the closet. Things will get better though. I used to be really depressed with my life and sad but for the most part I have changed by accepting myself and moving on. Being gay shouldn't ruin your life. If you ever want to talk let me know and I'll give you my email

  3. Dear Tommy S.,
    You know, I might just have to hold you up to that. It's funny, the only reason I found this blog is that we have the same Favorite Books, "meh". Haha, but anyway, if you want it, my email is Thanks again so much.