Wednesday, August 18, 2010

being happy

Its so simple in concept isn't it? I mean right now there are a million things to be unhappy about and a million things to be happy about.. it's just arbitrary which side we choose to dwell on. Sometimes it feels like positive thoughts are hard to find when bad things seem to be all around us. But honestly there's absolutely no point in dwelling over the negative. If something makes you unhappy, don't think about it or try to think about it in a different light. Like I said it's so simple in concept. I feel like I'm trying to give myself advice right now. I find when I'm unhappy I can never think clearly and I'm hard to get along with. But moods are just so hard to turn around sometimes.
There are always little things to be happy about though, and I find that when I dwell on those things and give a little smile to myself I tend to become a little happier. However, if I dwell on negative things and complain and think how much life sucks it puts me in a bad mood. So to avoid this, when I get the urge to complain, I don't and try to find something good to think about. And once I'm in a good mood I tend to stay in a good mood.
Another way is to take happy pills.


  1. I like your philosophy. It's really making me think.

  2. We can't control the world, but we can control (mostly) how we react to and interpret the world. That's the point at which we take responsibility.

  3. agreed. Although I heard somewhere your happiness is largely based on your genetics, there's still a large fraction that you can control. I set this page as my home page:
    I don't understand all of the article but it reminds me to cheer up every time I open up safari.
    Thanks for the comments guys

  4. In the end, though, all emotions are simply chemical releases.