Monday, August 23, 2010


So I get really excited when I come out to someone (usually straight guys) and they are really cool with it and still wana be friends with me
So there's this guy who wanted to pretend to be in 'an open relationship' with me on facebook (which I thought was kinda weird, but whatever) and I figured I should tell him that I am gay but I kept putting it off. So I just kept ignoring the request then a week after he requested me we had just hung out and it was pretty late at night, and I texted him just saying (bluntly) "yo im gay". Then he was like "I know, what's up". He thought I was joking. Then I was like dude I'm serious but he didn't believe me. So we text for a while and I'm trying to convince him that I'm serious but he says he still doesn't believe me. Anyway after a while I was like would you care if I was? And he was like it would be pretty weird I guess but past that it doesn't really matter. Then he was like I gotta go to sleep so we said goodnight. Then about an hour later I get a text from him saying something like 'I love you man and even if you are gay it wouldn't change anything because you're a good friend'. Which was one of the nicest texts I've ever gotten. So I thought I'd share that.
We hung out again this morning and he says he still doesn't believe me. We added each other as brothers on facebook.
This week has been supah chill even though school starts in two days... ugh. I really have to change my routine of going to bed at 3 AM. I also have to start writing a paper. Bleh.
So I figure next year I'll be out. So I'm not really 'closeted' high school swimmer anymore. But whatever I'm still mostly in the closet I'll just keep that name.
The guy who I hooked up with that I mentioned in earlier posts is an annoying prick. Have I mentioned that yet? I really don't like him and I don't plan on seeing him again. There are some weird gays out there.
My hair has grown out and I feel like for the first time it has finally reached a decent length since I shaved it for swimming. I'm pretty happy.


  1. Interesting. I once came out to a friend on Xbox and he took me off his friend list. It might have been an accident, though. I don't know; I was really hurt by it. Anyways, I'm having trouble with adjusting to my new sleep schedule, too.

  2. Aww im sorry. It hasn't been all good reactions for me either. But it's very hard when someone who you are close to doesn't accept you. But we all move on. How are you? New sleep schedule? Why cuz school started? lol. I tried to go to bed at midnight the night before school but ended up lying in bed til 2 cuz that how late im used to staying up til haha. How's sophomore year so far?

  3. Haha. I did the same thing the night before school and passed out the second I got home. I'm fine and sophomore is just like freshman year only you have reminders of yout earlier stupidy littering the hallways.