Thursday, August 5, 2010


I've gotten into the habit of working out everyday in the morning, then doing some ACT practice stuff so that my mom would leave me alone. After those things I get to do what I want. Life still seems pretty different without swim practices.
I want to continue living my life like this forever. I really have nothing to worry about. I have like zero stress. My mind is really calm and I have actually started reading for fun. It reminds me of when I used to read Harry Potter in like, second grade.
I dunno, that's about it. I've realized how quickly groups of friends can change if you make an effort to hang out with different people.


  1. Hey Tommy S. Last saturday my parents found my email account went ballistic and deleated it sorry for not telling you eariler I haven't been near a computer since. Sorry, I'm not able to talk to you any more for now hopefully when my parents calm down I'll find a way.

  2. oh I'm sorry.. did they know you were gay?

  3. Well, they do now, I guess. They're not home and I found out how to get on this website on the Wii. While they were yelling at me, right after reading every one of my e-mails, my dad said the word, "gay" once. He then proceeded to ask me if that was, "the cool thing nowadays." They yelled more about talking to people I didn't know. They're super paranoid. I want you to know that I really enjoyed talking to you and hope that we still can.

  4. Being gay is cool now.. right..
    And thanks. Send me another email when you can. I enjoy talking to you too :)