Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hot guys

The picture I put up for this blog is not me. Sorry if you thought it was me but I didn't want to put a picture of myself on here. It's a picture of Tanner Cohen from the movie Were the World Mine, a great movie. Tanner is a douchebag/idiot if you look at some of the videos he put in youtube, but he's pretty hot. Every gay person should see Were the World Mine.
Anyway, since it's something we can all most likely relate to, I will write about hot guys today. I'll give you the general timeline of guys who I thought (and still think) are hot.
My first crush that I can remember is Orlando Bloom in the Lord of the Rings from when I was in like second grade or something. Orlando looks gorgeous blonde with blue eyes. I remember I just liked looking at him on the screen, even though I didn't really obsess over him.
I was a big Harry Potter fan when the movies came out (who wasn't?) and I had this phase where I liked Dan Radcliffe and wanted to be like him. He said he liked The Killers in one of his interviews so I started listening to them because of him. They are now pretty much my favorite band.
Channing Tatum!!! Is sooo so hot!! After I saw Step up.
Zac Efron after High School Musical. He's pretty adorable.
Edward Norton after The Incredible Hulk. He's soooooooo cute. He's one of the very few perfect 10s on my scale.
Russell Crowe after The Sum of Us.
James Franco after Pineapple Express.
Jake Gyllenhaal after Donnie Darko.
Heath Ledger after Brokeback Mountain (RIP you sexy man). I actually wrote a song for him that's how much I liked him.
Hugh Grant from Maurice.
The SUPER hot guy from the new Star Trek.
And Billie Joe Armstrong ..from Green Day.

Then obviously I've had crushes on guys who aren't famous.

But anyway the two hottest guys in the world are Ryan Lochte and Channing Tatum. eh? What are your thoughts?
Also Braden Charron is really hot. If you are young don't look him up.

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  1. It's okay, my picture isn't of myself either.